About Us

The activity of GEMASA 2002, S.L. It started in 1968 and already has a long family tradition that has united three generations.

Since then we have specialized in the manufacture of fabrics and materials for bookbinding, offering our customers a wide range of quality products.


Our purpose has always been and is to offer a complete service to our customers, which guarantees maximum efficiency and quality in all the various manufacturing, storage, marketing and distribution processes of our products.

Market needs, demanding quality standards from us, have led us to constantly modernize our facilities, which are allowing us to expand outside the national market.

Likewise, our catalog has been expanded in its range of colors and in various qualities, which have made it one of the most complete in fabrics for bookbinding and other existing markets.

In order to concentrate all our efforts on improving the products that we manufacture and / or handle, the management of their sale is entrusted to the firm Comercial A.Roch 92, S.L. company founded in 1989 and that, since then, has collaborated with us for this purpose.